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Intelligent accessories for a perfect finish

Intelligent accessories for a perfect finish 1 3 3 4

1 Skirtings

Cabbani skirting boards are available in 25 colours. The skirting boards are 8 cm (3”) high, but can just as easily be shortened to 6 (2.4”) or even 2.5 cm (1”) in no time. The notches make it possible to place the skirting boards neatly and straight up to the desired height.

Skirting dimensions: 2150 x 80 x 14 mm (84.6” x 3.2” x 0.5")

1 skirting, 3 heights

2 Painted skirtings

Pre-painted skirtings with round edge on top, 69 mm high.

Dimensions : 2250 x 69 x 12mm (88.58” x 2.71” x 0.47")

3 Profiles

Profiles are intended to create an elegant transition or to take up height differences. Our useful profiles can be used for 3 applications: as an end profile, adjustment profile or transition profile.

Profile dimensions: 2150 x 47 x 11 mm (84.6” x 1.9” x 0.4")

1 profile, 3 applications

4 Tread nosing

Cabbani parquet can also be used to finish stairs. We have developed solid tread nosing specifically for this application in all 25 colours from our product range.

Dimensions: 2400 x 60 x 10, 14 or 18.5mm options (94.5” x 2.4” x 3/8”, 1/2" or 3/4" options)

5 Subfloors


Cabbani parquet is usually glued down. However, if you do choose a floating installation, the parquet can easily be placed on a subfloor. In this case, only the tongue and the groove are glued to each other. Subfloors are primarily intended to provide a moisture barrier or noise muffling function. They are also able to conceal minor irregularities on the substrate.

NOISE DAMPING SUBFLOOR: This 2 mm Cabbani subfloor with an aluminium layer on one side muffles reflected noise and conceals minor irregularities in the sublayer. Always put the aluminium side up and seal the edges of the strips tightly with Cabbani waterproof tape. This prevents moisture from the substrate from damaging the wooden floor.

STANDARD SUBFLOOR: Our standard subfloor is 2 mm thick and consists of foam and plastic. The integrated plastic prevents damage to the wooden floor caused by moisture from the substrate. The edges of the strips also need to be affixed to each other tightly with Cabbani waterproof tape.



WATERPROOF TAPE: It is vital to protect your wooden floor from rising moisture. We strongly recommend only using our own, thoroughly tested waterproof tape to affix Cabbani subfloors to each other. This is the only way to guarantee adequate protection against moisture.

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