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Keep your floor in good condition

Maintaining floors with oiled finish

The oil we apply to our floors contains natural pigments and oils that may only be treated with our Cabbani maintenance and cleaning products.

For daily maintenance and long-lasting protection of your oiled floor, it is best to use a soft broom or vacuum cleaner, followed by cleaning with ‘Cabbani parquet soap’. To thoroughly refresh a dulled parquet and bring back its silky lustre, it is best to use ‘Cabbani maintenance oil’ in concentrated form.

If your floor looks dull due to trodden-in and caked-on dirt, ‘Cabbani intensive cleaner’ is the solution. This provides a deep cleaning that also removes some oil, which is why it is necessary to treat with ‘Cabbani maintenance oil’ in concentrated form afterward.

If you have underfloor heating, ‘Cabbani maintenance oil’ must be applied at least twice per year to nourish the wood adequately.

Maintaining floors with oiled finish

Maintaining floors with lacquered finish

It is important to avoid damaging the lacquer when cleaning Cabbani floors with a lacquered finish. That is why we recommend using our ‘Cabbani cleaner’. This has been specially developed to remove dirt safely while protecting the wood.

Cabbani cleaner’ is available in concentrated version and must first be diluted with water. To add an extra wear layer to your floor and to avoid or mask micro scratches we advise you to use our ‘Cabbani Polish’. The ‘Cabbani Polish’ provides extra protection and helps prevent the adherence and build up of dirt.

Maintaining floors with lacquered finish

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