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Step 2: Choose the colour

The Cabbani collection has 35 colours divided into 5 collections. Every collection has its own specific characteristics and colour variants. The fact that wood is a natural product which can have slight colour variations makes the whole more interesting, natural and whimsical.

Collection 01

Nine soft and pleasant colors, finished with a high-quality lacquer finish, forms the basis of this collection.

These parquet floors are protected with six coats of UV lacquer and practically demand sun filled rooms with the warmth of a late summer sunset. This slightly brushed and water based stained parquet adds character to any room.
Available in Select and Rustic

v  Lacquered finish
A varnish finish requires less maintenance and provides better long-term protection. The varnish layer completely seals the pores of the wood. Every Cabbani floor is provided with 8 coats of UV-cured waterbased lacquer. This provides a low-maintenance floor and optimal protection against wear, scratching and stains.

European European
Board floor Pattern floor

European   v

Essence Essence
Board floor Pattern floor

Essence   v

Mineral Mineral
Board floor Pattern floor

Mineral   v

Littoral Littoral
Board floor Pattern floor

Littoral   v

Silk Silk
Board floor Pattern floor

Silk   v

Desert Desert
Board floor Pattern floor

Desert   v

Umber Umber
Board floor Pattern floor

Umber   v

Terra Terra
Board floor Pattern floor

Terra   v

Golden Golden
Board floor Pattern floor

Golden   v

Collection 02

Similar trendy colors from the first collection are given an oil-based finish to add more character. The three layers of UV oil brings out the natural grain of the wood. The slightly brushed finish enhances this effect.
Available in Select, Rustic, Aged and Scratched

o  Oiled finish
Finishing with oil gives the wood a more natural character, a beautiful patina and an authentic look. Soaping the floor regularly gives it an extra protective layer that makes it more resistant against staining. A yearly clean with a suitable intensive cleaner and applying a maintenance oil keeps the saturation of the wood optimal.

Natural Natural
Board floor Pattern floor

Natural   o

Corn Corn
Board floor Pattern floor

Corn   o

Polar Polar
Board floor Pattern floor

Polar   o

Pure Pure
Board floor Pattern floor

Pure   o

Snow Snow
Board floor Pattern floor

Snow   o

Shade Shade
Board floor Pattern floor

Shade   o

Copper Copper
Board floor Pattern floor

Copper   o

Maroon Maroon
Board floor Pattern floor

Maroon   o

Collection 03

Like good wine, a good parquet floor with reactive stain gets better with time. It creates a unique vintage look. A little more every day.

Collections 03 and 04 distinguish theirselves by their beautiful reactive stains. The three top colors from collection 04 are finished in collection 03 with six layers of varnish instead of oil.
Available in Rustic

Gamay Gamay
Board floor

Gamay   v

Cabernet Cabernet
Board floor

Cabernet   v

Pinot Pinot
Board floor

Pinot   v

Collection 04

Seven colors, a reactive stain and the natural uniqueness of a matt oil finish. It does't get much better. It appears to be pure nature and it is. Thanks to the reactive stain, these parquet floors evolve over time and seem to adapt. Three layers of uv-oil provide a natural, matt look.
Available in Rustic, Aged and Scratched

Muscat Muscat
Board floor Pattern floor

Muscat   o

Chablis Chablis
Board floor Pattern floor

Chablis   o

Sauvignon Sauvignon
Board floor Pattern floor

Sauvignon   o

Elixir Elixir
Board floor Pattern floor

Elixir   o

Santal Santal
Board floor Pattern floor

Santal   o

Malbec Malbec
Board floor Pattern floor

Malbec   o

Bouchalès Bouchalès
Board floor Pattern floor

Bouchalès   o


Collection 05 – di Lorenzo

This is art. In name and in execution. It could be a ‘je ne sais quoi’ but we know perfectly well what lies behind it. The craftsmanship and class are evident in this ultra premium collection.

It is not just the colors. The ultra-matt uv-oil. The deeper brushed finish or the different reactive stains. It Is the combination of all that, and a lot of love for the basic raw material and the finished product. It Is the need to create. The need for something beautiful. It is art.
Available in Rustic, Aged and Scratched

Degas Degas
Board floor Pattern floor

Degas   o

Gauguin Gauguin
Board floor Pattern floor

Gauguin   o

Matisse Matisse
Board floor Pattern floor

Matisse   o

Chagall Chagall
Board floor Pattern floor

Chagall   o

Caillebotte Caillebotte
Board floor Pattern floor

Caillebotte   o

Monet Monet
Board floor Pattern floor

Monet   o

Renoir Renoir
Board floor Pattern floor

Renoir   o

Cézanne Cézanne
Board floor Pattern floor

Cézanne   o

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