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Step 5: Choose the core

Determining the core of your parquet is the last critical step in designing your floor. Because we only rely on the best materials, CABBANI is available with a core of HDF or birch plywood. Both guarantee a high-quality parquet.

Choice between 2 cores: HDF or Birch Plywood. Standard tongue and groove optional UNIFIT®X Choice between 4 top layers: 0.6 - 2 - 3.2 - 5.5 mm depending the chosen board format and core


HDF or High Density Fibreboard consists of wood chips pressed together under high pressure. This produces a remarkably good quality panel that is extremely resistant against heavy loading. The intense compression also removes any possible tension from the wood. The strong and hard core makes HDF an excellent base for parquet floors.

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BIRCH PLYWOOD: Thin layers of birch wood are bonded to each other crosswise with waterproof adhesive to form a strong core with optimal properties. This leads to an exceptionally dimensionally-stable core that also conducts heat very well, making a birch plywood core ideal for parquet to be installed with underfloor heating.

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