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Collection overview

25 colours divided into 5 collections

Collection overview

Product composition

  1. Top layer: 2 mm, 3,2 mm and 5,5 mm
  2. Core: HDF

    For HDF wood chips are pulverized and compressed under tremendous pressure. This creates a stable core which is ideal for parquet floors.

    or birch plywood

    Due to the good heat conduction, birch is an ideal core for parquet flooring when installed on underfloor heating.

  3. Tongue and groove
  4. 26 colours / lacquer

    Several layers of lacquer ensure the optimal protection of the wood.

    or oil

    Oil retains the natural structure of the wood while providing perfect protection.

    / select

    A nice mix of structures while maintaining the typical characteristics of real wood, without big knots.

    or rustic

    Bring nature into your home with a rustic floor with knots and the striking character of real wood.

    or scratched

    “Scratched” look, band saw marks are made on the oak top layer of your floor combined with our brushed effect. These markings are perpendicular to the wood grain and are applied to the surface haphazardly and in varied depths. That gives the wood a rustic, weathered look.

    or Aged

    Our hand aged distressing can offer a real added value and even improve the aged look.

  5. 2 bevels
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